Lymphedema is the accumulation of lymph in the interstitial tissues in association with dilatation, hypertrophy and proliferation of peripheral lymphatics. We found from the microscopic points of view that lymphedema is a diffuse filling and distending of honeycomb interconnected microchambers. However, in the opposite way, lymphatic spaces that are distensible can be collapsible by the compression force and lymphatic pathways accordingly are subject to remodeling. Therefore, expansion should be decreased with compression force from some tools applied from outside to reduce the swelling of the extremities. With this principle in mind, in 2006, we attempted inventing simple tools for compressing around a swollen limb in order to progressively reduce the size of swollen extremity. Starting de novo from ordinary materials, a prototype Schnogh, or Twisting Tourniquet©, was designed, tested, modified, and continually improved into its current form.