VDO Twisting Tourniquet Technique

Case Study 570236 (Gigantic)

TTT for Gigantic Lymphedema Management

Patient History

- Thai woman 57 years old

- BW = 133.2 kg, BMI = 59.2 kg/m²

- Left leg swelling for 2 years - Two years ago, admited in hospital cause by fever and left leg swelling

- Cut the skin in order to draining the lymph fluid around the congestion area.


- Primary Lymphedema Tarda, Stage 3, Grade 4


1. Washing the foot and leg wich a lot of tap water before and after treatment

2. Reduction Phase:

- Twisting Tourniquet Technique (TTT) for 5 days at Lymphedema Day Care Center

- Vegan diet (adjuvant therapy)

3. Maintenance Phase: Apply

- Self-bandage by use elastic bandage (20-40 mmHg) and free supporter (30-40 mmHg)

- Self-TTT at home during free time

- Vegan diet (All 3 meals a day)